Welcome to the Forrest Road Church of Christ.  A place of soul  searching and spiritual uplifting.  A place where you can have a little talk with Jesus while holding to his un-changing hand.  We speak where the Bible speaks and we are silent where the Bible is silent.
   We're governed by the New Law/ Covenant and wise enough to use the Old Law/Covenant as a learning resource.  A place where just an "Amen" will do.  Our doors are open and the invitation to become a Christian never expires.  If you are a guest, we would like you to know that you are our most honored and esteemed guest.  We invite you to return and worship with us again.  If you are a visiting member, we invite you to join our Christian family and worship with us in spirit and truth.  So, once again welcome to the Forrest Road Church of Christ.     

       6224 Forrest Road
    Columbus, Ga. 31907
(Bro. Ashe) 706 - 575 - 2338
Minister Walter Jackson
Forrest Road Church of Christ Members: If you have any questions concerning the
New Building Project, please call  Bro. Jerry Jackson at 706 - 575 - 7482
Forrest Road Church of Christ Members: If you have an event that you want to share with the Church, please email me  victor.ashe@live.com , or text me at 706 - 575 - 2338
Forrest Road Members : Click on the Services Tab and Take Our Survey about the best time for Morning Service and to use the CashApp .